15 Best Foods YOU CAN EAT A LOT And Still Not GAIN WEIGHT

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On May 19, 2019

A lot of us would like to lose weight or, at least, not gain weight anymore. But the problem is, most of us do not take the time to go exercise and to prepare healthy plant-based foods  these two things can make it incredibly difficult. And so, it must come as a very pleasant surprise for most of us that there are several food items that one can eat plenty without gaining weight.

The following list of food items  are an excellent source of fiber but contain low calories. Hence, they are bound to keep you feeling fuller for much longer. You don’t have to go for an extra snack after eating these. It is vital to maintain a balanced diet. One must include a variety of food items to make sure that one gets all the necessary nutrients from your diet.

  1. Celery
    The stems of celery are mostly water, that is, about 95%, so it helps in detoxifying the body and speed up metabolic processes in the body. Cut up the top and add to salads or smoothies.
  2. Plums and Apples
    Consuming apples will help your body digest food better as well as keep you feeling full for a long time. Apples contain a good amount of potassium and vitamin C, which is good for general health. To top it all off, apples only contain about 50 kcal of calories. Plums are fruits which are also full of nutrients that will assist you in losing weight.
  3. Grapefruits, tangerines, and oranges
    All these citrusy fruits contain high amounts of flavonoids and vitamin C. They help in better digestion, therefore, promote weight loss. In addition to that, they also promote liver as well as skin health.
  4. Carrots
    They contain vitamin A, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Evidence suggests that eating more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, can help reduce the risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Carrots are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Excellent for eye health.
  5. Watermelon and melon
    These fruits are good detoxifiers, satiate hunger as well as help the body expel excess fluids. A slice of each fruit might contain 65 to 75 calories but the benefits are worth more than the calories.
  6. Cucumber
    This food item is very useful if you intend to lose weight. It will help burn calories as well as reduce any bloating.
  7. Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower
    These vegetables contain vital nutrients that interact with iodine. It is highly beneficial to eat them at least two times a week.
  8. Eggplant
    One serving of eggplant, as long as it is grilled or baked, that is without oil, only has about 24 kcal. So, it can be your go-to item if you plan to not gain weight when consuming eggplants.
  9. Salad
    A salad generally contains plenty of folic acids. In case of a leaf of lettuce, it is just 3 kcal. Therefore, one can consume plenty of lettuce without worrying about gaining weight. Salad is your main course!
  10. Cranberry and strawberry
    These contain a large amount of vitamin C, which, in turn, assist the body in expelling accumulated fluids. Strawberries also aid heart health as well as digestion.
  11. Pineapple
    These fruits split fats as well as assist in the metabolizing protein because it has bromelain.
  12. Zucchini
    This vegetable assists in intestine functions which help in overall digestion. They are also very low in calories, which makes them a great diet food.
  13. Popcorn
    One can eat as much popcorn as their heart desires if it is made without sugar, butter or oil. Buy organic kernels. One serving of popcorn without those added ingredients only has 31 kcal of calories.
  14. Algae
    Due to being rich in iodine, algae normalize thyroid function and hence, prevents putting on more weight.
  15. Beetroot
    One regular serving of this food item just has 40 kcal of calories. It is, however, rich in nutrients such as manganese. Manganese burns calories and helps maintain appropriate sugar levels in your blood.

Which ones are you eager to include in your diet?

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