Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On July 16, 2018

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss & Stress Reduction

I highly recommend yoga to fight stress-related weight gain. Yoga poses can be combined to help you lose weight and reduce stress.

Energetic pose combinations such as Sun Salutations burn calories through the aerobic, dynamic flow between poses. To burn more calories, perform your Sun Salutations faster.

In yogic philosophy, any pose that requires you to fold inside, such as a Forward Bend or Child’s pose, will have a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

If you want support in developing a health plan, I take a Mind-Body-Food whole body approach. It is a whole life approach to permanent weight loss and long term health.

Private one-on-one phone consultations is a component in making my program so successful. The support, accountability and guidance with an expert in the field makes it simple and fun. A total food to “Do-Over” and lifestyle change including guided visualization and meditations to connect with your ideal self.

Learn why plant-based eating is more effective than Paleo and most other diets.

Are you ready to look and feel fabulous? In just 12 weeks you will be a lighter happier you and on be road to optimum health. Click this link for a free discovery call. Fill out a brief survey to see if this program is for you. It could change your life.

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