3 Pro Plantbased Transitioning Tips

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On May 8, 2022
Pro Tips for A Plantbased Diet

Eat more plants!

Since I made the journey from an omnivorous diet to a plant-based diet, I know it isn’t necessarily an easy journey.

And it comes easier for some.

✅ Pro Tip: When you sit down for meals, take a look.

Do you have a fruit and vegetable with each meal?

Or, do you have two servings of vegetables?

Have you had a green leafy salad with other raw veggies today?

This simple focus can help improve your meals without too much thought.

🌱Keep it Simple

Many individuals contemplating the plant-based diet are often worried they will be spending hours in the kitchen to creating nutritious and satisfying meals.

The truth is, you don’t have to spend hours, sometimes only a few minutes is needed.

Especially true with the help of an Instapot.

I find the best meals are simple and don’t require a recipe.

Use your cooking experience, even if limited, to play with ingredients you have on hand.

Use different cooking methods and flavorings and throw it all together.


✅Pro Tip: My favorite way of making a nutritionally complete, easy meal includes the following 3 staples:

  • Whole Grain or Starchy Vegetable Potato
  • Legume
  • Vegetable(s)

For example, roast sweet potatoes. Roast canned (and rinsed) chickpeas in approximately 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup.

Roast a variety of your favorite veggies.

Mix all together and add a side serving of fruit.


🌱Slow & Steady

Many clients often get upset with themselves when they eat processed food, an animal product, or a treat and feel as though they have failed.

This isn’t true at all!

When babies learn to walk, it is a slow steady progression.

In fact, when you learn any new skill, there is a learning curve.

This plantbased process is no different.

Practice is essential, and perfecting improving the skill takes time.

✅Pro Tip: Consider your current diet.

Do you include dairy 3x per day?

Do you eat meat every day of the week?

Consider making small changes and alter the goal as you progress.

Aim to eat dairy only 2x per day or meat 5x per week.

Small changes lead to big strides.

Looking for a little motivation and help to get you started? Schedule a complimentary consultation.

Recommended recipe: Oil Free Roasted Veggies.

With love,

Sheri ❤️

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