3 Weight Loss Tips

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 18, 2016

The key to losing weight is eating a variety of vegetables at every meal and snacks too! Learning to have a love affair with veggies is vegetablespossible. Eating a variety of colors adds different macronutrients and provides the digestive enzymes to break down your proteins.

The combination is key to moving the scale down. Steamed, raw, roasted or stir fried are all delicious ways to cook them. Vegetables add vibrancy and energy to your body. Never underestimate the power of this food group.

Too much exercise combined with too little nutrition puts your body in starvation mode: it shuts down your metabolism to protect itself. You become fatigued and lose endurance. Rather than burning more calories your body lowers its needs and stores more fat. You stop losing weight and you might cut back on calories further in response to the weight -loss stall, continuing the vicious cycle.

scaleStudies show drinking water helps people lose weight and keep the pounds off. Water aids weight loss. Folklore and everyday experience both have suggested that water promotes weight loss, but little scientific information has been offered on the topic.

This doesn’t mean that good old H2O is a magic potion, but that drinking water may help people shed pounds for the simple reason that it has no calories and fills up the stomach making people less hungry. However, I recommends that women drink about nine cups of fluids every day, including water and other beverages, and men about 13 cups.


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