5 Tips to Create Healthier Eating Habits

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On March 12, 2023
Diet Day 1

Let’s face it, changing your eating habits is tough. And we live in an environment that’s filled with temptations!

Retrain your brain.

Healthier habits happen with repetition – continuing to stick to your plan will become your new normal.

Say “yes” to staying full.

Fill up on the right foods like high volume smoothies, and low-calorie fruits and vegetables.

Make a shift with snacks.

Whether you’re eating out of hunger or habit, make it easier to choose snacks that satisfy your cravings and still support your health goals by having them readily available.

Think ahead.

Most people have no idea what they’re going to have for dinner tonight, much less the rest of the day!

Planning your meals and snacks is key to staying on track.

Anchor your plate with vegetables.

Don’t eat less. Eat better! Cover more than half your plate with veggies.

Practice out of sight, out of mind.

Remove the temptation altogether.

Keep the foods that trigger you most out of sight—and out of the house—so you can’t be tempted to have “just one bite.”

Stay strong.

Veering off your plan, even just a little, is never a good idea.

Once you allow one slip up, the pattern usually continues.

Never assume there will be something healthy “there.”

It’s astonishing how many calories are in the average sit-down restaurant meal—even more than most fast foods.

Just one portion can undo several days of hard work!

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With love,

Sheri ❤️

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