6 Very Good Reason to Eat A Plantbased Diet

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 22, 2022
6 Very Good Reason to Eat A Plantbased Diet
Is eating a plant-based diet worth it? Of course! But why? In this post I want to share with you 6 benefits of eating a plant-based diet that were a deciding factor for me on my journey and could impact your health like you won’t believe!
      1. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT A plant-based diet, done in a nutritional balanced form, can help manage your weight, drop pounds if needed, and get your body to a natural and healthy vibrant place.
If you struggle with different diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer or even autoimmune issues, you may find that going plant-based can drastically reduce your symptoms. I will not make any claims that it can heal or cure but I have had experiences with my clients that this diet has completely reversed their disease.
      3. IMPROVE DIGESTION AND INCREASE REGULARITY Nobody wants to be backed up, am I right?!Whole plant foods are the BEST fiber you can give your body. Most people struggle with digestive issues and the main culprit I’ve found is dairy.
      4. NATURALLY INCREASE YOUR ENERGY As you can imagine, plant foods are super high in vitamins and minerals which are amazing for energy. When you consume foods rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients you will probably notice better brain function and happier mood.
      5. IMPROVED MOOD / BALANCED EMOTIONS Most people probably don’t realize how much diet impacts our moods. When I went plant-based, one thing I noticed was that I was less irritable and my emotions/mood was MUCH more balanced.Do I still get in funks? Yes, of course. But on a daily basis, I feel much more controlled and my mood is much more positive! I don’t know about you but if nothing else, this is a great health benefit of this lifestyle.
      6. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT One thing I never thought about growing up was my environmental impact. (Not really a health benefit, I know, but totally worth mentioning!) I didn’t think twice about what I was choosing to purchase or eat and how it was impacting the world we live in. However, there is something beautiful about knowing that your choices are directly positively impacting the earth. No longer supporting the animal industry does exactly that.
Are you overwhelmed with making a big change in your diet but are tired of feeling exhausted, bloated, and plain old crappy day after day? Have you tried to start a whole food plant based diet only to fail because you are uncertain exactly how to plate your meal? If that sounds like something you want or need to do then schedule a complimentary consultation. I am here to guide you to be the best you! Having support can really make a difference in achieving your health goals. With love, Sheri ❤️

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