8 Habits That Keeps Weight Off

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On January 21, 2023
8 Habits That Keeps Weight Off

Here are just a few examples of some healthy habits of clients who lose weight, keep it off and always stay healthy.

And the good news — staying at a healthy weight and in incredible shape is very feasible.

1. They Always Plan Their Food Out.

Prepare, prep, batch cook, shop wisely, they leave junk food out of the house, and eat home cooked meals more often.

2. They Make Sure They Get Their Zzzz & Make Sleep A Priority.

Not enough sleep can tip the scale up. One’s cravings increase, and when underrested you are less active. When your body is rested your hormones are more balanced therefore less hunger.

3. They Look At The ENTIRE Label When Purchasing Their Food.

If you are uncertain about eating a particular food then read the ingredients. If there are more than 5 listed the food item usually lacks nutrition.
If it is in a box it is probably processed. Stick to whole natural organic foods without long ingredient list.

4. They Always Opt To Take The Stairs.

Natural activity is fun and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

5. They Know The Importance Of Water For Their Health.

Drinking water is healing and necessary for your health. Staying hydrated helps you stay energized.

6. They Stick With Just The Firsts.

They eat balanced nutritious meals. Their first plate. They don’t go back for seconds and they don’t snack between meals.

7. They Keep Themselves Occupied.

Boredom leads to unconscious eating. They usually have other activities to do than eating to fill this void.

8. They Drink Alcohol Carefully.

They rarely drink alcohol. Their liver is clean so they filter toxins at the maximum level.

With love,
Sheri ❤️

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