Hello, if you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off forever, you are in the right place!

I ate my way to health and weight loss without supplements or dieting! Now I am dedicated to helping you find the same solutions

to your weight loss problems, by transitioning to an easy, healthy, filling, whole food plant-based diet.

I am about to tell you how I:

*lost weight quickly
*never starved
*have kept it off for years

My name is Sheri and I’m the first to admit that I went plant-based for selfish reasons. At 42, I was a chubby vegetarian hurdling into middle age, depressed, going through perimenopause looking out of shape.

I was unenthusiastic about my life. It was only in the wake of a health scare on the eve of my 50th birthday that I realized not only that I needed to change, but that I wanted to change.

That change ultimately took the form of a plant-based diet. A decision that permanently changed the trajectory of my life — transforming me into a middle-aged yogi, fit and thin as in high school, with my cholesterol within the healthy range. It made me the wellness advocate I have become.

By eating nothing but plants close to their natural state, I lost weight quickly and responsibly. My vitality and enthusiasm for life restored, I went on to accomplish high power yoga classes. I could have never previously dreamed possible, including wearing skinny jeans.

Believe it or not, I can say without reservation that these achievements became possible only because I put animal products in the rear view. No beef, no chicken, no pork, no fish, no milk, no cheese, no eggs. Just plants. Go figure.

But life isn’t static. As my journey evolves, I have become increasingly more interested in issues beyond my waistline. Issues like disease prevention, environmental conservation, world hunger, and the accountability we all shoulder to be more responsible stewards of this precious spinning globe we share with billions of other people and animals.

Wellness begins with what we put on our plate. But that’s just first base. True health is far more comprehensive — extending beyond our personal physical well-being to the collective, sustainable health of all living beings and the places they call home.

I have been a dietician for 25 years and now a certified plant-based nutritionist. I studied with Dr. Mcdougall and Dr. Campbell; both plant-based doctors who are pioneers in their field.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life researching and studying health and practicing a lifestyle of plant-based foods, yoga, walking, and meditation living in the present and being grateful. I now teach my clients how to find this calm and joyous way to live.

Whole Food Plant Based Diet Can Help You:

*lose weight
*long term weight loss
*heal diabetes
*lower high cholesterol
*lower blood pressure
*prevent heart disease
*and give you more energy

Here I am at my favorite vegan restaurant Cafe Gratitude in Venice Beach, CA in 2018

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