Add more veggies and fruits to your meals

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On November 5, 2022
Add more veggies and fruits

Eating a nutritious healthy plant based diet is about eating more veggies and fruits and less processed foods.

Simple right?

The recommendation is to aim for 7-10 servings every day, which is EASIER than you think.

1 serving =

1 cup raw veggies

1/2 cup cooked veggies

1 medium piece or 1 cup of fruit

Here are a few tips to make it simple and fun to add more veggies and fruits into your diet:

🌞Wake up to fruit in the morning.

🍎Find your favorite fruit and veggies and eat more of them.

🥗Salad is the main course by bedding your meals with leafy greens adding fruits and veggies, beans and whole grains and cooked veggies.

🌈Focus on the rainbow.

Go for a variety of colors and your meal will be a cheerful nutritious master piece.

🍲Begin most meals with veggie soup and or a salad.

🥦Add plenty of veggies to every dish you cook or prepare.

👩🏻‍🌾Visit a farmer’s market or spend most of your shopping time in the produce department.

🙌Find joy in creating a colorful meal so that you love living a healthier lifestyle.

With love,
Sheri ❤️

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