Add Years to Your Life!

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On November 1, 2023
Add Years to Your Life
Eating a more Plant-Based Diet can add Years to your Life, study finds. Researchers in Norway used computer models to compare a typical Western diet — heavy on animal-based proteins dairy and sugar — with a more ideal plant-based diet that’s heavy on fruits, vegetables, beans and grains and light on animal-based proteins. According to the models, a 20-year-old who went all-in on the plant-based diet could add 10 years to their life. Even just making a partial change could add six years of life expectancy. An 80-year-old who started a plant-based diet could add three years to their life expectancy, according to the study. “A sustained dietary change may give substantial health gains for people of all ages both for optimized and feasible changes”, the researchers wrote. Gains are predicted to be larger the earlier the dietary changes are initiated in life. A plant-based diet is a way of eating that consists mostly or entirely of whole foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits. Notice no oils or added fats are on the plate. The plants have essential fatty acids, proteins, and complex carbs to make up a nutrient dense diet. Are there any downsides to a plant-based diet? Not really, according to the experts. For heart disease, diabetes, cancer, all of the major chronic diseases, there are no downsides to eliminating meat products from your diet for any of those. If anything, the evidence shows that by going plant-based you would be benefiting your long-term survival and reducing the risk of those diseases. Fruits and vegetables, fiber, nuts and legume have also all been proven to be good for weight loss and to keep weight off long-term. Is this whole plant based diet extreme? To me extreme is open heart surgery, or a any other major surgery that can be prevented by a change in diet! Also, remember there may be some trial and error involved so stay open to finding what works best for you. It’s never too late! Small changes do make a difference plus and these changes do not have to be intimidating. If you are interested in talking with me about a plant based diet then schedule a free 30 min clarity call. I want to meet you. See below for a Fluffy Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls recipe. With love, Sheri ♥️

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