Angelina’s Success Story

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On November 2, 2016

I met my goal weight last November, cut to a year later, I am up 10 pounds. Over the course of the year, my work load increased and I began to put my clean eating habits aside. Thinking, this is quick and easy, if I am just eating this once, I will be OK. I was wrong. Just as it has in the past, I could immediately tell the difference in my body, how I woke up, how I felt, my break outs,  You would think that would snap me back to reality, but instead, I just ignored it and my weight started to go up and slowly but surely I have gained 10 pounds.

Sheri helped remind myself that I could do this, through texts, phone calls and blunt conversations. She reminded me of why I started this in the first place. To be the healthiest I can be. Not for my own vanity sake, but to be able to live a nice healthy life and keep eating things I liked, but with healthy alternatives.  I lost sight of this throughout the year (working 13 hours days doesn’t help anyone). Even so, I always had the accountability of daily texts and weigh-ins.                                         circular-scale-reduce -inflammation

This kept me motivated that every day is a new day. Every morning my slate is clean and what I choose to put in my mouth is exactly MY choice and I want it to be clean and natural. I love to be healthy; I love how my body feels clean on the inside. I am choosing not to give up, but to keep pushing and get back to my goal weight. I know from my friends, that I have inspired many of them to lose the weight themselves and get to their healthiest place. With Sheri’s constant encouragement and (patience) I will get there.

— Angelina



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