Another plant-based success story!!

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On March 13, 2022
Success Story - 35lbs
🗣 Another plant-based success story!! -35 lbs in 12 weeks! 👏👏👏 Let’s give him a big Congratulations!

Read all about it👇

For many years I tried every diet. All were successful for a short time, but eventually I put back on the weight and then some.

I hated exercise and resented the fact that I would have to diet and count calories for the rest of my life.

I didn’t know where to turn.

Thankfully, an enlightened doctor told me the best way to achieve my goals was a whole food plant based diet.

I was scared. Not only was I worried about giving up meat and dairy, but I would have to admit to wife that I was starting the same lifestyle choice I had told her was unnecessary when she started it several years before.

I decided to make the transition completely and not make smaller changes one at a time.

It felt daunting and I was lost. I read about Sheri online and decided to meet with her.

It was the best decision I made.

I learned how to make the plant based world my new lifestyle.

I rapidly realized my fears of not being able to find things to eat was unfounded.

I didn’t feel I was restricted at all.

In fact, my negative thoughts about dieting which ultimately sabotaged me turned to positive feelings toward my new lifestyle.

I began to feel better and within 1 week had to lower my blood pressure medication.

I felt more energetic, happier and less irritable. I saw changes in my body occur quickly.

I realized motivation was developed from my success rather than being a prerequisite to getting started.

3 months in I have lost 35 pounds, feel great and am looking forward to continuing my journey to better health.

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A Big Shout-Out!

A Big Shout-Out!

Another successful plant based weight loss story!

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