Another Plantbased Success Story

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On July 24, 2022
success story july 2022

🌿 Another Plantbased Success Story!!! Let’s give her a big high five 🖐 Congrats! 🗣 Read all about it 👇

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Early last year, my daughter lost her 3-day old son, my grandson and I was already struggling with anxiety and depression from the pandemic and feeling the unhealthiest I had ever felt.  

I loved cooking but wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  

I was struggling with my weight, chronic constipation, joint pain, hot flashes and sleepless nights.  

I desperately wanted to stop taking medication for my anxiety and high cholesterol (that I have been taking for way too many years.) but all that was ever offered/recommended was more medication and told “it’s hereditary.”  

I didn’t want to believe this anymore.  I knew (or at least hoped) there had to be a better way.  

I was lost and about to cave in to yet another medication when I met Sherri!  

Now I know when you put bad things in your body, bad things can happen to your body but Sherri showed me that a plant based diet is not only good for your body but good for your mind and soul! 

In just 3 months, I am down 15.8 lbs, I am almost off all medications, my joints don’t ache, I’m sleeping better and I love cooking again!

I am a work in progress and loving life again!

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