Success comes in many forms. It’s one of the things that I’m slowly learning about myself during this weight-loss, fitness, get-myself-back-together journey that I’m on. So many times I end up giving into the voices in my head that minimize the success that I’ve experienced. After all, there’s little chance of someone else criticizing me if I do it to myself first, right?


Like most of you, weight loss is a struggle for me. The entire process doesn’t come naturally and instead of feeling like I’m doing something good for myself, I get bogged down by all that I’m “missing out” on. This is never more true than when I go back home to visit family in the South. Each summer and winter, I make the trek home to see family and get my fill of all things “southern fried”! It’s my semi-annual treat to myself and I look forward to it expecting to toss everything aside and just enjoy the feast of home cooking.


But this year’s trip was different. I’d started my weight loss journey a few months before and was really hesitant about how I’d survive the trip back home. Honestly, I even thought about cancelling it because of my fear of failure.


But I didn’t fail. Sure…I gained a few pounds back but I’d also gained a larger perspective of something even bigger: a full appreciation for my absolute ability to bounce back. I took the time to plan my meals while I was there. I ate slowly and savored the conversation more than an extra helping. I took walks with family and friends instead of doing our usual passive activities (something that was hard considering the South’s humidity!). I even roller-skated with my kids for the first time ever.


Did I gain a little weight? Yep. weigth_loss

Did I gain a lot of perspective? Hell yeah!


And, after a few weeks of getting back on track, I lost the weight again but my perspective about making healthier choices is still right on target.


And THAT, to me, defines true success.


— April M.

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