April’s Success Story

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On September 4, 2016

Success comes in many forms. It’s one of the things that I’m slowly learning about myself during this weight-loss, fitness, get-myself-back-together journey that I’m on. So many times I end up giving into the voices in my head that minimize the success that I’ve experienced. After all, there’s little chance of someone else criticizing me if I do it to myself first, right?


Like most of you, weight loss is a struggle for me. The entire process doesn’t come naturally and instead of feeling like I’m doing something good for myself, I get bogged down by all that I’m “missing out” on. This is never more true than when I go back home to visit family in the South. Each summer and winter, I make the trek home to see family and get my fill of all things “southern fried”! It’s my semi-annual treat to myself and I look forward to it expecting to toss everything aside and just enjoy the feast of home cooking.


But this year’s trip was different. I’d started my weight loss journey a few months before and was really hesitant about how I’d survive the trip back home. Honestly, I even thought about cancelling it because of my fear of failure.


But I didn’t fail. Sure…I gained a few pounds back but I’d also gained a larger perspective of something even bigger: a full appreciation for my absolute ability to bounce back. I took the time to plan my meals while I was there. I ate slowly and savored the conversation more than an extra helping. I took walks with family and friends instead of doing our usual passive activities (something that was hard considering the South’s humidity!). I even roller-skated with my kids for the first time ever.


Did I gain a little weight? Yep. weigth_loss

Did I gain a lot of perspective? Hell yeah!


And, after a few weeks of getting back on track, I lost the weight again but my perspective about making healthier choices is still right on target.


And THAT, to me, defines true success.


— April M.

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  1. Sheri

    Hi April- so proud of you! I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing your truth. Your story is all of ours at some point on the life long journey of being skinny. Yet you are now focusing on being healthy and fit. It is so much more than a number on the scale and we are what we eat. So the scale is only one measure.
    Love Sheri


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