Being in Close Proximity To The Refrigerator is Dangerous Businesses

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On April 18, 2020
Being in Close Proximity To The Refrigerator is Dangerous Businesses

Now there are many of us working from home or stuck in the house and it can be dangerous business—a five-minute break can turn into binge festival and then there is the refrigerator, the place you go to cure stress and boredom, and to stretch your legs and stomach.

As a dietician and life coach who works from her home, I know all too well the siren call of the refrigerator: It beckons throughout the day, whether I’m hungry or not. I’m confident I’m not the only home worker who caves to cravings.

Being at home can make over-snacking all too easy. That’s in part because, now with all the current uncertainty, children at home, or working from home, means you’ll be stressed or bored—and either of those emotions can make it hard to resist the call of the refrigerator.

Set meal times.

Eating on a schedule will help you fight cravings and stay satisfied throughout the day. Eat 3 balanced plant-based meals and don’t snack in between meals. Sit at a table and slowly chew your foods, tasting every bite with gratitude helps one feel full.

Leave 4-5 hrs between meals.

This is really best for fat loss. So think in terms of having healthy foods prepped and ready to throw a meal together. Don’t store unhealthy temptations either. This will drive you crazy in the house! Stash other family members food in their own place away from yours. Make your kitchen a safe zone.

Drink water—and a lot of it.

Also, I am a fan of lemon water, it curbs hunger. Try sipping on green tea with lemon and ginger for your immunity.

Take a break outside.

You must go outside for 15 minutes every single day. Rain or shine! Even a balcony, backyard, or porch, do it daily! Fresh air changes your mindset, lifts your spirits.

Stock up on nutrient-dense food.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, mushrooms, raw nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Frozen fruits and veggies are healthy. The key is to have plant-based foods, cooked, chopped, prepped (batched) ready to go. Let go of bringing processed foods in the house!

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