Diet Obsessed? Stop the Madness By Eating Plant-Based.

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On May 2, 2021
Weight Loss

Many of us can surely relate to dieting in high school, or our early adult life at some point.

Testimonies from my clients prove that a plant-based diet has its place in balancing the relationship with ourselves and the food we choose to eat.

While we may not have a cure for eating disorders, diet obsessions or the like, eating from the earth we live on each day, has a unique grounding perspective we can’t get elsewhere. 

Besides all of the health benefits such as strengthening your immune system, reducing heart disease, reversing type 2 diabetes, and preventing cancer a plant-based diet provides body peace, it can end the negative relationship between us and food.

There seems to be this middle road in between us and food that separates us as a society from seeing food as nourishment, and instead as a way to lose weight.

It’s time we change that, what do you say?

Ironically enough, eating a plant-based diet can be one of the most freeing choices you ever make in seeing food differently than calories and grams of carbs and fat.

It’s choosing compassion with every bite you take.

It makes you want to care for yourself in an entirely different way.

Life is more than how much we weigh, and and as long as you’re eating whole, plant-based foods instead of refined products, you can be sure your weight will settle in exactly where it’s intended to.

You can also be sure you’ll feel much better for it on the inside and the outside at the same time.

Eat with peace, go with plants.

Reach out if you need help with your plant-based journey by clicking the link below to schedule a free 45 min consultation.

With love,

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