Disease Follows Your Thoughts

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On April 20, 2022
Disease Follows Your Thoughts

It is not only likely that your thoughts are making you sick, in fact it is probable!

Though some stress is good for us, too much can be detrimental to your health.

It isn’t the stress that makes you ill.

Rather, it’s the effect responses such as excessive worrying and anxiety have on these various interacting systems that can bring on physical illness.

Extended periods of negativity slows digestion, and decreases the immune system’s ability to fight inflammation.

Your thoughts and emotions can affect your health.

Emotions that are freely experienced and expressed without judgment or attachment tend to flow fluidly without impacting our health.

Your Goal each day is to feel good!

So do those things that make you feel good.

Search them out.

Simply hugging my dogs makes me feel good and lifts my mood.

Going outside for 20 minutes shifts the energy to a higher emotional vibration.

  • Replace Negativity in Your Surroundings.
    What you let into your mind in your everyday life can have an impact on your thoughts…
  • Daily Exercise.
  • Let it go!
    Don’t dwell or repeat negative thoughts.Careful with therapy repeating the negativity over and over brings more negative…or telling a friend or family member your problems prolongs the negativity.
  • Find a Way to Help Someone Else.
  • Be Grateful all day…
  • Journal.
    Write Down What You Are Feeling Good about this will bring more good feelings.

With love

Sheri ❤️

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