Dismantle the Memory of the Old You

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On October 10, 2018

You start off with good intentions, and then you find yourself sitting on the couch eating cheese with the remote in one hand and glass of wine in the other.

However, just a few hours before, you proclaimed that you were going to eat a plant-based diet get in shape and stop all destructive behaviors.

Most unconscious actions are taken to emotionally reinforce the personality and fulfill an addiction, in order to feel more of the same way.For example, people who feel guilty on a daily basis will have to perform certain actions to fulfill their emotional destiny.

Many unconscious actions match and thus satisfy who we are emotionally.

On the other hand, many people exhibit certain habits in order to temporarily make the feeling they have go away.

They look for instant gratification from something outside of them to momentarily free them from their pain and emptiness.

Being addicted to computer games, drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or shopping is used to resolve one’s inner pain and emptiness.

Your addictions create your habits.

If you are overcoming  a dependency on these foods; sugar, dairy or animal fats, the more you are able to sense when the pangs and tugs of the body’s chemical addiction begin, the sooner you will be able to battle against them.

Everyone knows when the cravings start to occur. You begin to notice impulses, urges, and sometimes loud screams, which sound like, “Just do it! Submit! Give in! Go ahead-just this one time!”

As you continuously forge onward and upward, in time you can notice when these cravings come up, and you will be better equipped to handle them.

In that moment say “Change” I like to say “This is not loving to me!” The rewards of being healthy, happy, and free are so much more important than being stuck in the same destructive pattern.

If you want to get unstuck click this link to book a free break through call. Together we can change your future.

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