Eat Homecooked Meals for Better Health

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 23, 2021
Eat Homecooked Meals for Better Health

When you think about living a plantbased lifestyle what is the first thing that comes to mind?

A question I was asked a few weeks ago on a form.

My answer: Joy!😊

Here’s why:

Growth is one of my core human needs.

When I prepare plantbased meals I grow as a human and over come my addictions. I (weirdly) love making salads.

Eating plantbased meals I prepare at home has made me happier and healthier.

Since I am in charge of how my food is prepared I consume less processed foods, sugar, white flour and oils.

As a result, I have higher energy levels and more clarity in my mind.

Eating home cooked plantbased meals is my health insurance policy for a longer life.

Sharing a meal by sitting down together with my boyfriend at the table brings me joy and I believe is linked to my overall health.

I feel happier outside of meal times.

The most common excuse I hear is there’s not enough time to prepare the foods.

Although in reality, many of us spend more time watching tv or scrolling the computer than we do cooking for ourselves.

Other reasons for avoiding the kitchen include long commutes, eating out, and the idea that convenience should always be our ultimate priority.

But the benefits of eating home cooked plantbased meals are too good to give up.

Supermarkets now offer a large variety of healthier foods.

Plus farmers’ markets is at an all time high.

There’s no better time to develop the habit of preparing plantbased meals at home.

If you fall into the trap of thinking you’re too busy to cook, evaluate whether that’s true.🙄

I bet you will find more free time than you realize.

Use some of that down time to cook healthy delicious meals.

  • Keep Basics on Hand
  • Plan Ahead
  • Cook Extra you don’t have to cook every night.
  • Keep it Simple open a can of beans.
  • Cook What You Like To Eat it does not have to be fancy.
  • Make it Social by Sharing the Cooking Time Together
  • Plant a Garden grow sprouts and herbs connect to the food you eat.
  • Purchase an Instapot this speeds things up
  • Enlist Help like Cookbooks, Recipe Sites, Cooking Class and book a complimentary call with me.
  • Schedule Rewards of Dining Out so cooking never seems like a chore but rather joy!
  • Give a few of my tips a try, and commit to a few small lifestyle changes.

You’ll be on your way to living a healthier, happier life.

Bon Appetit,

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