Eat Well To Live Well

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On February 18, 2023
Eat Well To Live Well

I Eat well so that I can Live well.

The hungrier I am, the more delicious everything seems.

I encourage my clients to go 4 hrs between meals.

This is because hunger can bring out your true food cravings and preferences.

For example, when I eat basic foods like a banana, a crunchy carrot stick, or a cup of spicy black beans, these foods surprise me how delicious and satisfying they are when I am truly hungry.

If you’ve ever tried fasting, doing a cleanse, or been on a weight loss diet, you may have experienced this firsthand.

Also, once I STOPPED eating all the processed junk foods that highlighted my taste buds causing ridiculous cravings my palate changed.

I am able to really enjoy the taste of a banana for example, like it is a piece of sweet banana bread!

Also, once I learned how to eat until I was comfortably satisfied and not over full(which you body will tell you because food does not taste as good as when you first started your meal) I started to enjoy eating healthy!

Transitioning into this plant based diet can feel a little overwhelming at first.

If you need guidance and support reach out to me.

I feel amazing when I eat well.

With love,

Sheri ❤️

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