Eat Your Veggies Like a Good Adult

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On September 4, 2019

I urge people to give up their beloved ketogenic, low carb, and paleo ways to try out a whole food plant-based way of eating …almost unlimited fruits, unlimited veggies- raw, steamed, grilled, boiled, stir-fried, baked, sautéed.Includes limited whole grains, along with some legumes, tofu and such.

Eating an abundance of veggies is encouraged with keto and paleo too, but when you are trying to make most of your diet plant-based fresh vegetables become vital. You find yourself not only buying more of them often but also find yourself branching out and hunting for a variety of them to cook up in creative, guilt free dishes that satisfy your appetite.

I remember when I first started out eating a plant-based diet I naively cooked a whole bag of lentils which resulted in enough to feed a whole army and it’s family.

Tofu, the great go-with-the-flow protein food of the plant-based world; it takes on the flavor of whatever you put it with, and helps fill the tummy. To anyone about to buy it for the first time, expect a white block that looks weird. It comes in soft, firm and extra firm. Don’t panic. You put some flavor on it, cook it and this stuff will be your new best friend. It is a complete protein just like an egg with no saturated fat!

Try chocolate flavored almond milk. I love regular but remember starting my daughter on chocolate in her smoothies. This stuff comes with no lactose-intolerance symptoms! Now, if someone could do something about the effects of beans, lentils and cabbage. Seriously in 2 weeks the body adjusts you just have to be consistent.

Trust me: Veggies are actually good when they’re not breaded, fried, and served at the fair or a restaurant chain and or drowning in a dip.

And lately I am really digging fruit which I had previously “kept out of focus” since the days of low carb when grocery shopping for fruit was considered to the keto-ers the devil except for berries. Ah, the joy of eating bananas and always in the 50 cents a pound range … apples, melons, tangerines, and a date now and then nature’s candy.

The potato makes me happy. They’re filling. If you’re ever hungry, eat a potato. You won’t be hungry afterwards. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors. There’s really a potato for everyone.

Potatoes are a versatile food. They can be baked, fried, mashed, boiled, sauteed & pureed. They can be served cold or hot. Potatoes aren’t stuck in their ways. They can be savory or sweet…a main course, an appetizer, or a dessert.

Over time, eating a plant-based diet will become second nature. If you need guidance in getting started or feeling overwhelmed or confused but really want to do this then click the link below for a free consultation.

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