Gift To Yourself- HEALTH!

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On July 25, 2018

Give Back to Others by Giving to Yourself First

1. Work on yourself.

It seems counter-intuitive to focus on yourself, but if you’re suffering or neglecting your inner needs, you must first give back to yourself.

2. Give back in small ways.

Learn the woman’s name who makes your morning coffee, tell her that she brightens your day. Put money in the meter of the car parked next to yours. Compliment a friend or coworker (especially the one who tests your patience) in a way that makes them feel special.

3. Once you feel good about points one and two, start giving back in bigger ways.

Donate money to a cause you truly believe in. If you’re short on cash, donate your time. If you’re feeling inspired, join a movement or start your own.

Giving back is a process that begins and ends with you. And nothing brings more abundance into your life than when you are giving back from a true place of love.

I still thirst for adventure, but I channel my inner “Indy” into my writing and storytelling. I’m considering a trip later in the year to Canada—but only to experience nature and expand my understanding of humanity, not to fill an empty void.

That void is being filled with self-love from the comfort of my living room.

Just by investing in your health, you will create abundance x10. Money is energy and it makes you feel really good about yourself when it is well spent. Taking care of yourself sends positive energy out into the universe. Only good things can come back to you. It is called manifestation! Health really matters it gives one hope and if you have hope you have everything.

If you want to explore living a plant-based lifestyle to its fullest, book a free discovery call let’s discover your true potential.

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