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On July 24, 2017
Finding out a family member has cancer is never easy for anybody. My mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer this past April. The news was not a real surprise to me. After years of eating an unhealthy diet resulting in obesity, a past smoker of cigarettes for years, no spiritual practice or exercise program in place, the cancer diagnosis was a very sad confirmation. I just so happened to be reading two books “The Truth about Cancer” by Ty Bollinger and “Anti cancer A New Way of Life” by Dr David Servan-Shreiber. Both books confirm a whole food plant based diet is the key to fighting and preventing cancer. As a plant based nutritionist, changing my mother’s diet to help her fight this disease was really important. Fortunately, she agreed to drastically change her diet to a whole food plant based diet with no oils to fight the spread of her cancer.


The first thing I did was order Suja juices from Amazon to be delivered to her rural farm address. These bottles are fresh cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices. Juicing is so important for cleansing the body of toxic inflammation caused by years of eating processed foods. Processed foods feed cancer cells and she needed to reverse the damage. I ordered an 18 day cleanse for her to drink and she said it was difficult to swallow. She was not use to the taste of the green drinks but she knew drinking these could be a life changer. So she drank them because I said she had too! I told her vitamin C was key to fight the cancer cells.


After weeks of changing her food plan to a whole food plant based diet consisting of beans, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, brown rice, oatmeal, and mixed berries, and drinking lots of green tea she was feeling better. She had more energy to work in her garden. Her skin glowed as she began to lose weight. We prayed for health and this past week she received really great news from her MRI results. The cancer had not spread and it was considered to be a very low percentage in her uterus. She can live with cancer as long as it does not spread.


I have been filled with so many different feelings over the past few months but the feeling that fills my body today is gratefulness. I am so grateful to hear that the cancer has stopped spreading. I am so grateful that my mother has embraced a whole foods plant based diet. I am so grateful to have had the chance to help change so many lives over the years. I am so grateful to have found the whole foods plant based lifestyle. I am just so grateful.


My mother is committed to eating a whole food plant based diet of no animal products, drinking plant based milks, her Suja juices, plenty of veggies, mixed berries, oatmeal every morning and losing more weight. She has lost 20lbs! She has decided no chemo, radiation or a hysterectomy. We are confident a whole food plant based diet is the key to her longevity at 81. Her spirits are high and she is more active now than before. She wishes she had eaten this way years ago and never gained weight. I am encouraging you all to eat this way as a preventative to cancer. Don’t wait until you are 81 and diagnosed with a terminal disease! A whole food plant based diet cures diabetes and heart disease too.  Why wait till it is too late? This food plan is the healthiest diet on the planet. It is a lifestyle worth living.


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