How to feel lighter and fresher

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On April 15, 2017
Spring is here! We can see all the beautiful fruits and veggie colors arriving adding new varieties to our plates. We are blessed here in Southern California I know things grow! I am so excited to focus on eating more fruits and veggies servings. So good for our health. Strawberries, red grapes and cooked tomatoes are noted to prevent cancer. I feel lighter and fresher snacking on nature’s gifts.
You know the skin is a large organ covering our body and it wants to breathe air too.   Let’s give our skin some breathing room by wear sleeveless tops, shorter pants, skirts and swim suits. Let’s commit to this Spring and Summer to letting our skin breath. Doctor McDougall says the best Vitamin D supplement is just 10 minutes in the sun everyday is all you need.
How many of us are covering our skin because we have not taken care of our bodies? Eating clean lean plant based foods helps you lose weight, prevents diseases and nourishes our skin. Let’s feel better wearing less this Spring and Summer. Also did you know that eating three to four servings of veggies a day could reduce stress:
I want you all to eat like I do because I stand behind plant based diet it is the healthiest food on the planet!

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