How To Reach Your Ideal Weight

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On August 8, 2018

Hi it’s Sheri

Choosing to eat a plant-based diet is your food guide- an outline for you to follow so you know what to eat at every meal or snack. Your goal is long-term optimum health. Right? It all starts by weighing your ideal weight. The magic all happens when you commit 100% to eating a plant-based diet, then you lose weight, feel great, and your health stats improve.

Try Applying The Following 8 Rules To Successfully Reach Your Goal Weight:

1. See failure as a beginning, not an end.
2. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
3. If you don’t go after it, you won’t have it.
5. Stop thinking so much and start taking action.
6. Don’t compare yourself to others.
7. Stay consistent.
8. Find a coach for support and accountability.

Click this link to book a free health discovery call. I am here to help you reach your ideal weight.


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