I have kept 20 lbs off!

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On March 25, 2023
Sheri - I have kept 20 lbs off

I’m going to say that I lost 20 pounds strictly due to my plant-based diet and have kept it off for 10 Yrs.

I had also started exercising regularly, which definitely contributed. But, I do credit much of my weight loss to my diet.

Weight loss was not my initial goal with going plant-based.

I had high cholesterol from being a vegetarian for years eating cheese and eggs.

But, when I cut out dairy products and processed foods, I replaced them with whole foods and exercise and the weight began to shed from there.

A shift in perspective around healthy eating was the most important aspect of my plant-based journey.

Following this lifestyle made me feel good.

I was nourished, energized, focused, and happy. I wanted to eat well.

Anytime I had attempted to stick with restrictive diets in the past, the constant thoughts in my head were: I HAVE to do this.

I HAVE to do that. The word “HAVE” made everything sound like a chore, and quite frankly — a big pain-in-the-a**.

Since eating plant-based made me feel so good, it completely shifted my mindset around healthy living.

Instead of feeling obligated to eat healthily, I felt grateful to eat healthily.

I realized how much I was taking care of my body and mind, which made me want to continue doing it.

When you’ve eaten dairy your whole life and suddenly cut it out, it’s a little overwhelming to meal plan.

Surely, you don’t want to just eat salads, french fries, and rice and beans forever.

Plus, you have to make sure what you’re eating is keeping you nourished.

Going plant-based really helped me get out of my comfort zone in the kitchen.

I started buying all sorts of fruits and vegetables I never would have otherwise.

I invested in an Instapot, Vitamix and Air fryer which stayed in the box for a year until I opened my mind to a new way of cooking.

My yoga practice felt stronger.

I had more fluidity in my body.

This theme persisted.

I felt a lot stronger hiking, and even weightlifting with no animal products in my system.

My mental clarity became crystal clear on a plant-based diet.

I could focus on a task for hours at a time without getting distracted.

I was able to wake up at 5:00 AM to exercise, no problem. My personal struggles no longer seemed so big and unbearable.

I weigh my high school weight, my cholesterol is within range and my blood pressure is perfect!

I am grateful for this food plan finding its way into my life.

I am a plant based enthusiast and plant based dietitian. No turning back!

There’s no time like the present. Why wait any longer to start your plantbased journey.

Say yes to speaking to me to explore how I can help you.

Click the link to schedule a free call to have the one conversation that could change your life, just like mine did.

I’m here for you!

With love,

Sheri ❤️

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