Ideal Weight: The Healing Power of a Healthy Mind Set.

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On August 21, 2017
I am seeing a real connection with the power of intentions and how the universe rewards us for whatever we ask to manifest. We are responsible for the life we choose to live. Just by continuing to say “I need to lose weight” the universe is going to continue to hear your need to “lose weight” and guess what? You continually need to lose weight. These simple words are what the universe hears when you say them often. How about instead place your intentions on your “ideal weight”. Feeling how good it feels at your “ideal weight”. By simply shifting your intentions and putting your feelings out into the universe on how you will feel at your “ideal weight,” the universe will respond and you will reach your ideal weight!


What a perfect day to get in touch with your ideal weight. A powerful total solar eclipse, a new moon in Leo August 21, good fortune, Jupiter will be present to shower you with luck, so your chances are excellent for getting a surprise, unexpected lucky break. Today shift your mindset. Let go of the old thinking “I need to lose weight”. Replace this old thinking with new intentions of your feelings at your ideal weight.


Today tell yourself how good it feels to be at your ideal weight. Say your feelings out loud. Tell yourself how will you feel at your ideal weight. For example, will you feel an ease getting dressed and attending social events? Perhaps feeling happy when your health markers are in range from your latest blood work, or the energetic feeling of lightness when you can hike the hills with your friends. Write your feelings down if that helps. Imagine yourself at your ideal weight. Visualize what you will be doing and wearing. If you feel the freedoms of being at your “ideal weight” every day, the universe will reward you with your “ideal weight.”


 Choose foods to help you achieve your ideal weight. You want to eat to feel thin not lose weight.  A true heart-healthy diet can be powerfully effective. Eating right for a healthy heart doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Minimize processed foods, avoid meat and dairy, limit sweets, don’t fear healthy fats, redesign your plate to think of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and beans as the focus of your meals. When you eat light, you feel light.


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