I’m eating healthy but not losing weight…

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On November 7, 2018
Are you eating healthy but not losing weight? Do see yourself in the mirror looking the same?

Does this sound like you? Thinking it must be my hormones or thyroid? I will make an appointment with the doctor for a test, only to find out there is nothing wrong.Feeling so frustrated because you are trying so hard to lose weight only to weigh the same or even gained a few pounds.

Then upset with your results you turn to foods you know are not healthy. The emotional eating ups and downs of Yo-Yo dieting ugh!

Does this sound like you? You are confused with all the information on the internet about plant-based eating feeling overwhelmed saying to yourself l don’t get it? Why am I not losing?

Portion control is so key to weight management success!

For example, choosing smaller potions of these filling foods like the ones listed below, which are higher in fat and sugar is important to your success.

I highly recommend portioning our these types of foods ahead of time… otherwise it’s too tempting to eat more than the portion you really need for you nutritional needs.

However when it comes to green leafy greens and vegetables go ahead eat unlimited amounts they are high in fiber, water, and low in calories.


Some tips for portion control:

Goji Berries 1/3 c vs 2/3 c

Peanut Butter 1 tbsp vs 2 tbsp

Olives 6 olives vs 1/2 c

Almonds 1/4 c vs 1/2 c

If you are sick and tired of yo-yo diet’s or completely confused about how to do a plant diet successfully, then I want to help you.

I have helped 100’s of people to convert to a plant based diet and changed their lives for the better.

All of the problems that may come up with creating a healthier life related to your personal situation like proteins, eating out, milk, sugars, family and everything in between I can guide you and be at your side to make this life changing process a reality.

Together we can discuss a plan for you, let’s start today it’s complimentary to discuss your plan, book a free breakthrough call here.

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