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Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On May 9, 2017


Food For Fuel invites you to join in on the beginning of a 4 week Transition from Animal proteins to Plant Based Proteins for sustainable health and permanent weight loss.

As dietician and now a certified plant based nutritionist I want you to join me Sheri on June 1 in a guided group of like minded people for a 4 week class of transforming to better health


Research is now supporting a plant based diet is the best diet on the planet! Transition from eating animal proteins to plant based proteins for sustainable health and permanent weight loss is key to longevity. Starting June 1 learn how to eat a whole food plant base diet by exploring Dr. Mcdougall’s NY bestselling book “Starch Solution“. Weekly guided group discussions will assure you how to transition for optimal health.

Classes starts the week of June 1:


Home Office: Thursdays June 1 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (6/1, 6/7, 6/15 and 6/22) Please bring a copy of “The Starch Solution” with you each Thursday. You may purchase the book through Amazon or perhaps find it at your favorite local bookstore. Food demonstrations and snacks will provide an interactive approach.


Remotely: Group Conference Call Zoom. Tuesday Lunch Hour June 6 12:00pm to 1:00pm PST (6/6, 6/13, 6/20 and 6/27) share your experience and learn from others how to transform to better health. This support group provides information on how to be in better health. Starch Solution recommend reading. An Email with Zoom link will be sent for easy call in access. Plus weekly reminders.


Group Conference Call: If you don’t live in the area you can participate in the seminar via conference call. Zoom link.   Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 7:00on PST (June 6th, June 13th, June 20th, and June 27th). Please have a copy of “The Starch Solution” available during all calls.


Learn about the amazing health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Improve your health and your quality of life! Attend classes in person or remotely via conference call. Please call me for any questions. 310 489 8931




Learn the benefits of eating a plant based diet & transform your life! 


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