Kathy’s Success Story

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On August 9, 2016

“When met with major job change, menopause and everyday life challenges with two kids, 10 and 11….my weight gain over time seemed to be the new norm.  I went from 138 lbs to 156 lbs quickly and found myself stuck at that weight for two years.  Nothing seemed to work, my clothes weren’t fitting and my spirit was low.  Even my doctor exclaimed…”welcome to the menopause years”.

Fast forward to Sheri Graham who proved to me that my life stage weight gain was not inevitable and that I could indeed get my weight back under control.  For the first month I followed the plan with focus and great effort; and found that the changes to my diet were much more natural and easy to adapt to.  Lots of water, no glutens, avoidance of alcohol, avoidance of caffeine, avoidance of processed foods and dairies.  Within three weeks I was under 150 lbs for the first time in almost two years.  It gave me the confidence to continue….and remain focused. weigth_loss

My next challenge was three weeks of business travel and vacation.  At Sheri’s recommendation, I purchased a travel scale to keep me on track.  While I was not perfect over those three weeks, I found that proteins (fish when possible) and water were my “go to” “keep on track” strategy.  After those three weeks, my weight remained flat…no gain, still down ten pounds.

Since my return, I have returned to the plan and with Sheri’s coaching am down another 3 lbs to 142.  My total loss to date is 14 lbs in three months.  I am targeting 135 by October 1 and have the confidence that I can get there.  I cycle three times a week and weight train twice per week.  My fitbit is a great reminder to walk 10k steps a day.

All in all, I am so proud.   At the age of 58, I put on a two piece a couple weeks ago, and my son introduced me to our friends as his “new skinny Mommy”.  Not sure I can claim skinny, but I am more proud to wear my clothes again with confidence and pride.”

Thank you Sheri!

— Kathy K.

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