Benefits Of Coaching

Coaching is a very personal approach to help you reach specific weight-loss and health goals in a simple, joyous accessible way.

As your coach, I meet where you are currently struggling and help you to create a plan for a long term healthier lifestyle.

Sheri Goodman Graham - Plant Based Dietitian

Primary Areas of Focus

Diet & Nutrition

  • Understand how a low fat plantbased diet works for optimal nutrition, weight-loss and improved health.
  • Develop a personalized meal plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Identify those trigger foods that lead you down the path to eat more and cause obstacles in reaching your weight-loss and health goals.


  • Develop a personalized activity routine that fits within your schedule and lifestyle.
  • See the benefits of spending some time outside time in nature so you can achieve better health.

Lifestyle & Mindset

  • Create a vision of what you want your life to look like and shift your mindset to start living your authentic self.
  • Learn to connect to what’s important to you in your life and together we create a plan to help you prioritize those things.

One on One Personal Coaching


  • a safe place to discuss challenges and celebrate wins.
  • weekly evolving discussions on how to overcome obstacles.
  • support system to help define and reach goals.
  • strategies are specific to your lifestyle
  • plantbased nutrition education with a registered dietitian.
  • personalized guidance tailored to your individual needs.
  • all access to me with text support.


  • one size fits all diet to follow.
  • judgement.
  • strict rules around food.
  • exhausting workout routines.
  • restrictive eating.
  • overwhelming recipes and meal prepping.
  • the same plan for everyone.
  • a temporary weight loss plan.

By creating trust in one another we build a supportive relationship that moves you from dissatisfaction to feeling good within weeks. A clarity or a breakthrough occurs on what really matters to you when creating a diet and lifestyle that is so important to your long term health.

Trust in your health today for a happier tomorrow.

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