Love The Food That Loves You Back!

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On July 5, 2024
Love The Food That Loves You Back!
I was at a Fourth of July Day barbecue last year where I was the only plantbased eater – someone brought a 5 gallon container of homemade premium ice cream to the event and everyone except me was going crazy for it, loading up big bowls of it and coming back for more.

I didn’t feel envious or left out at all, instead I took note and witnessed how out of control it made everyone act.

They were mostly overweight and out of shape, some were on statins for high cholesterol and this was the last thing they needed to be eating.

I knew that is how I used to behave as well when around that kind of food like substance.

It made me appreciate my healthy habits and the fact that I am no longer driven by the Pleasure Trap.

I say, “Love the food that loves you back!”

Eating healthy food is self kindness!

When working with people who are adopting a WFPB lifestyle and trying to lose weight sometimes they will get to point where the weight loss stops, or they aren’t getting the health improvements they were hoping for.

When I look at their food diary, I can identify some things that perhaps they never gave up or have snuck back into their food plan.

If they were to remove those items, it could make a difference in their ability to reach their goals.

But when I suggest that I am met with resistance.

They tell me that they feel like they have already made so many changes, given up so many foods by going plant based and they just are not willing to give up anything else.

They “need” these little treats to get through the day so they don’t feel deprived.

They think this is self kindness.

But is that really true – if those “treats” are preventing them from reaching their health and or weight goals – isn’t that depriving them of what they really want?

The more bad habits we are willing to change, the more dietary changes we are willing to make the quicker and greater our results will be.

If we are only willing to make 50% of the changes required then we can only expect to get 50% of the benefits.

If we practice self – kindness in a healthy way the rewards are tremendous!

As I used to tell my daughter when she was growing up, when you choose the behavior you choose the consequences.

We are all well informed about health and nutrition as we have studied about a plant based diet.

We know full well what the health consequences are based on our food choices.

If you think all those little treats and indiscretions don’t matter, think again.

If you are struggling getting back on track just know that it only takes a few days of eating healthy plant foods for you to start feeling better physically and emotionally.

Good health is the real “treat!”

Practice self kindness every day by choosing the foods that promote optimal health and wellness.

Love the food that loves you back!

May we all experience harmony as we practice self kindness.

With love,
Sheri ❤️

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