Maintaining a Plant Based Diet: Avoiding Carb Overload

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On April 2, 2024
Maintaining a Plant Based Diet - Sheri
Although few eating styles promote health as effectively as an intelligently designed plant-based diet rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, along with ample amounts of fiber – one potential downside lies in thoughtless planning which could result in unwanted levels of daily carbs, too many calories and weight gain. The abundance of processed plant-based foods in supermarkets today can be misleading. Despite being labeled as ‘healthy’, these items often contain excessive amounts of carbs and fats that quickly add up. Eat whole-food sources of carbohydrates. When you do eat carbs, make sure they are whole-food sources. For example, whole grains like oats, legumes like black beans, root vegetables like potatoes, and fruit like strawberries. Whole foods contain compounds like water and fiber to increase the feeling of fullness. In addition, whole foods typically require more chewing, which slows you down and allows your brain to register when you have eaten enough. Furthermore, whole-food-based carbohydrates are healthier options because they do not contain added sugars, chemicals, or damaged fats like trans fats. Are you interested in being healthier? How about slimmer, smarter, or more beautiful? Well, eat your leafy greens, the more the better, and you’ll be on your way to all of those. Leafy greens are extremely low in calories, yet super high in nutrients.
Maintaining a Plant Based Diet
Make them the base of your lunch and dinner and weight control can be a breeze. When I had a weight problem years ago, I learned that there are some kinds of vegetables that you can eat pounds of and still lose weight. As an over-eater, this was great news to me! I’d cook two-pound bags of vegetables in a large pot and eat the whole thing. Greens are among the vegetables you can eat in unlimited quantities and still lose weight. Three cups of most kinds of greens contain less than 100 calories. I lost 20 pounds in a few months. Of course, you can’t add high-calorie ingredients like olive oils, butter, and creamy dressings, but you can season with herbs and spices, lemon, and a low calorie dressing like balsamic. If you’re trying to lose weight, but unable to master portion control, do consider satiating your need to chew and swallow with hefty helpings of greens as part of your meals. Leafy greens like Kale, Spinach, Lettuces, Arugula and Swiss Chard, Bok Choy, have antioxidants including beta carotene, which helps renew and repair giving youthful skin and amazing healthy glow. Yes, leafy greens (and other high color vegetables) can actually make you prettier. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? If you need help with menu planning, weight loss or how to eat a balanced nutritious plant based diet I am here to guide you. Schedule a call! I am happy to talk with you. With love, Sheri ❤️

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