Maximum Weight Loss

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On January 6, 2023
Maximum Weight Loss

Happy New Year 🎉

2023 is here! 💫

This is YOUR year!🙌

I am recommending for you to watch this short video 🧑‍💻

Take notes so you remember these important tips. ✍️

I promise…🙏

If you follow these 10 Tips from Dr McDougall’s maximum weight loss you will lose weight.🤗

If you need …

✔️plant based nutritional guidance
✔️meal planning
✔️maintain your exercise routine
✔️reframe negative thought patterns
✔️engage in healthier inner dialogue
✔️improve your self-image

I offer a 12 week Personal One on One Coaching Program based on Dr McDougall’s maximum weight loss.

Every weight-loss journey is personal, and unfortunately change doesn’t happen overnight.

The weight-loss process requires a lot of hard work and dedication. 💪🏼

On days when you might feel ready to give up…

I am your cheerleader. 📣

I will know what you are working towards.

Coaching will make the difference! 🤝

I extended my Holiday program through January 🥳

If you are interested schedule a complimentary phone call.☎️

My calendar link is located in the comments below for you to pick a day and time👇to talk with me.

I am here for you.🫵🏼

With love,
Sheri ❤️

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