Moderation Kills!

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On September 4, 2021
Sheri - Moderation Kills

What are your thoughts on moderation?

Would you tell a drug addict to moderately use drugs or give an alcoholic an occasionally drink or can a smoker believe in just one cigarette?

Moderation kills.

A common comeback statement to a discussion on nutrition is “everything in moderation.”

This phrase is a way out of these important conversations, a dismissal of common sense and healthy behavior.

Nowadays, people use the word moderation to mean PERMISSION to do harmful things as desired, like eating unhealthy food or using alcohol or drugs.

It presumes that doing some harmful and some healthy things together will end up balancing your health. However, it doesn’t work.

Besides, do you REALLY use moderation, taken in this context, on anything important to you?

Do you use moderation when deciding whether to show up to work?

I’m guessing no if you’re still employed.

How about moderation with fidelity to your spouse or partner?

I hope not.

That is because when something matters, we use COMMITMENT, not moderation.

What matters more than your health?

Good health gives you hope and with hope you have everything!

So if you think moderation means permission to do harmful things, use moderation with MODERATION!

When you are very healthy you can handle a little harm and recover if you stay nourished.

I will have the occasional but less frequently inflammatory meal, but I have been whole food plantbased no oil for over 15 years.

And I consume the antidote everyday by keeping hyper-nourished.

If you are sick though, you need to take your food and your health seriously and COMMIT to yourself and your health.

The way to amazing health is COMMITMENT.

By the way, the REAL definition of moderation is RESTRAINT and CONTROL.

It was originally used to warn people away from harmful behaviors.

So if you consider this real definition, when it comes to foods that can harm you, use CONTROL to avoid them.

With love,

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