My Plant Based Weight Loss Journey

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On May 29, 2024
My Plant Based Weight Loss Journey
When I started my plant based journey 15 years ago, the excess 20lbs that I’d been grudgingly carrying around since my late 30’s I knew I needed to lose. This excess weight had to go if I was to become the role model for this lifestyle that I wanted to become. Luckily the book Starch Solution by Dr. McDougal was right in front of me the whole time. Therefore I’ve begun another journey to yet another level of health. I remember starting to feel and seeing the rewards of the body fat suddenly disappear as I committed and followed the plan. I now never worry about my weight, or even have had any trouble maintaining it. I love eating a whole food plant based diet because I feel so good and my cholesterol is in range! You see Whole Food diet enthusiasts steer clear of any food that has been refined or taken away from its original source. This includes oils (coconut, olive, and other nut and vegetable oils), free sugars such as table sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, and sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol. We eliminate baked goods cooked with white flour because they have been stripped of its nutritional value leading us to overeat. Even though these foods are considered healthy by many, they are also fractured foods that have been extracted from their original source and usually have had their fibers taken out. In fact, pretty much anything you normally use oil for can be left out without too much difference to taste. I now dry fry things such as tofu, vegetables and stir fry’s etc. OR, just add a little stock/water and lots of herbs and spices. Do remember we get our essential fatty acids from all of the Whole Foods. Adding just a little bit of avocado, a few nuts and seeds, flax meal, and chia seeds is fine. It’s not healthy to leave them out completely! Also, vegan margarines, plant based milks, dark chocolate (my one addiction), yogurts and cheeses. I still use them, but WAY more sparingly. Also, juicing is off and smoothies are in, due to the fact that a juice has had its fibers extracted. Smoothies with 75% whole veggies, leafy greens & 25% whole fresh or frozen fruits are loaded with fiber! A smoothie can be a delicious nourishing meal or snack. The school of thought is that nature intends us to eat the ‘whole’ food, as it is, because it’s already perfectly designed for us by Mother Nature. When we refine it we lose nutrients and fiber, therefore making it easier to over consume. It actually makes sense when you think about it. So, the moral of the story: try to keep your plant foods as whole as possible if you wish to receive the greatest health benefits. Mother Nature makes things already perfect and there is much to choose from. Therefore, whole foods plant based is not as hard as you may think. Fruits and veggies: Apples, oranges, berries, greens, carrots, broccoli, sprout’s, and so on. Whole grains: Brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and more. Legumes: Lentils, chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, etc. Nuts and seeds: Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, herbs and spices. If you want support and guidance on your plant based journey, help in dropping the excess body fat for good, then reach out to me I am here to help! With love, Sheri ❤️

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