Never Full

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On March 12, 2022
Sheri - Never Full
Have you ever just keep on eating and eating because your body isn’t shouting at you and telling you that it’s full?

Believe me, I’ve been there too!

My reasons for eating and eating…

  • lack of desire to listen to my body
  • stress and emotional eating
  • years and years of yo yo dieting
  • eating too fast

My signals just didn’t work because I had ignored them for so long.

I was one of those who loved to eat while multitasking.

Eating while sitting at my computer, driving, watching TV or reading a book.

Eating Without Distractions made a difference.

No TV, computer, smart phone, reading, etc.

Just me and my food.

I know these days, it’s all about finding the time to get everything done in less time.

So we’re often eating at our desks

working through lunch…

or trying to fit in a tv show while eating dinner…

or catching up on the latest facebook drama while snacking.

Sounds pretty harmless, right?

Unfortunately, for someone who is trying to work on eating the right amount of food, distracted eating can be detrimental.

I could not hear those physical signals my body was trying to tell me over all the chaos my mind was going through by processing tv, work, social media or whatever else I was working on.

It’s just impossible for your hunger signals to be heard through everything else that’s coming at you from every direction.

I still struggle with putting my phone down and just focusing on eating the food, but I know that when I do take the time to eat… JUST EAT.

Your body will thank you for actually allowing the signals to be heard.

Plus I learned too eat too fast.

It takes your body a whole TWENTY MINUTES to realize it’s full.

So if you eat a ton of food super fast, your body isn’t going to be able to tell you before you are way past the satisfied point.

Take your time with this.

Learn to recognize your SATISFIED feeling, not your FULL feeling.

You’ll only get to hear it if you eat slow.

If you struggle with not being able to stop eating, it’s very possible that you’ve ignored these physical sensations one too many times that they just don’t work anymore.

You probably aren’t sure how to even feel full anymore.

LISTENING to those signals and on the path to eating when, and only when, your body truly needs to eat.

Eat The Foods You WANT To Eat: This is another big one.

If you don’t like kale, then don’t eat it.

Because if you try to feed yourself foods that you don’t really like, what’s gonna eventually happen?

You’ll snap.

That’s right – the time will come when you’re sick of eating all the foods you think you’re supposed to be eating and then go crazy and eat all the foods that you actually wanted in the first place!

If you would’ve just chosen what you wanted in the first place, eating slowly and without distraction, you would’ve been in a much better situation all around.

Remember that it’s often a mind game.

Once your mind is more in sync with your body and it’s needs, life tends to become a bit easier.

With love,

Sheri ❤️

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