One Week Coaching With Sheri Plant Based Momentum

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 19, 2023
One Week Coaching Sheri
I know some of you were eating a plant based diet only to have fallen off your healthy lifestyle saying to me “Sheri, I feel so much better when I stick to my plant based diet.”

Then there are those of you who are eating healthier and want to fully completely commit to plant based but lack the motivation to stop a few challenges like sugar…

Or dairy…processed foods, chicken or fake vegan meats.

And… those of you who are so overwhelmed as to where to start a healthy plant based diet because it seems so complicated so you just shut down and give up.

What ever your reason is for not eating healthier, I know how you feel I was there too!

As a plantbased enthusiasts and lifestyle coach my passion is to inspire, motivate, lead, mentor, guide, shape, educate, train, and teach others how to successfully eat a whole food plant based diet.

It really takes just one week of following my menu plan and working with me as your private coach to support and guide you through one week that will make a difference.

I will hold you accountable by asking you to daily text me your foods after I teach you how to prepare.

This way I can see in real time your understanding of how to eat a plant based diet and support you all week.

Each day you text me a photo of your meals and in real time I respond to your efforts.

It is in this daily texting me your foods is when you really understand how to eat a healthy nutritious plant based diet plus you receive accountability and will drop a few pounds.

I believe it is in the accountability that most people find valuable.

Having me as you personal coach with 24/7 access to me to answer any questions by texting or email will make the difference.

Plus you receive 2 hour coaching calls in this one week.

First call is to set you up for success with a menu plan and the second call is a follow up after the initial week to answer any questions over the phone.

I am encouraging you to click the link in the comments below to book a complimentary call to find out if this one week program is for you.

With love,

Sheri ❤️

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