Plant Smart Living

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On October 11, 2022
Plant Smart Living

Diligence, Time, Whole Plant-Based Foods Will Change Your Life!

Plant-Smart Living is about learning how to be smart about the things we eat.

I am not trying to sell a new diet fad.

Eating plant-based is basic and returns humanity to it’s earliest form before mass production and slaughter of thousands upon thousands of animals for our stomach’s benefit became a part of our modern world.

Our bodies were not made for these foods.

The only value they added was convenience, and as we can see, too much of a good things is having detrimental effects on the health of our society.

With a whole food, plant-based diet you can eat until you are full and feel good about your food choices.

It only takes one day to start changing your life.

The reason why you can “overeat” on a plant-based diet is because most vegetables, fruits, and starches are low calorie, but high in nutrients.

Many also have a lot of water content as well.

Notice how few calories are in the food I am eating, yet how full I feel after a good meal.

Below are some examples of a variety of plant-based foods I eat frequently and their corresponding caloric values:

  • Swiss Chard – 7 Calories/Cup
  • Spinach – 7 Calories/Cup
  • Broccoli – 35 Calories/Cup
  • Carrots – 25 Calories/Medium
  • Apples – 95 Calories/Medium Apple
  • Blueberries – 85 Calories/Cup
  • Raspberries – 65 Calories/Cup
  • Strawberries – 45 Calories/Cup
  • Banana – 105 Calories/Medium
  • Kale – 33 Calories/Cup
  • Tomato – 22 Calories/Medium
  • Potato – 163 Calories/Medium
  • Sweet Potato – 114 Calories/Cup
  • Zucchini – 33 Calories/Medium

The list is virtually endless as there are so many varieties of fruits and vegetables available.

Green leafy vegetables tend to have the lowest caloric value, whereas heavier starches carry more calories but also will fill you up quicker as well.

Remember: if calories represent energy, and if the goal of weight loss is to decrease caloric intake and increase nutritional value, then it becomes obvious that a whole foods, plant-based diet is a basic solution to a problem we are told is complicated.

Of course, for some weight gain may have a genetic component, or may be related to certain medications and medical conditions.

In very specific situations like these, weight loss may not be so simple, but for your average person who struggle with their weight: it is this simple.

Eat a plant-based, healthy vegan diet and reap the rewards as you shed the pounds.

While I am not one for counting calories any more in my daily life calories serve the purpose of representing mathematically “energy” to be acquired from food.

Of course, they are not the full picture, as calories alone do not tell us anything about the macro-nutritient (protein, carbohydrates, fats) and micro-nutrient (specific vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Zinc) values which are of even more significance.

If you eat several meals a day comprised primarily of the plant-based foods groups, you will find you have plenty to eat without racking up many calories at all!

You can eat, and eat, and eat until your stomach is content.

As you may well know, there are two primary factors that impact your weight: the food you eat and your level of physical activity.

A whole foods, plant-based diet holds the solution to your weight loss.

This healthy vegan eating style allows you to eat as much as you please, so long as you are eating the healthy plant-based foods required.

If you want to lose weight and need some extra support or nutritional guidance book a complimentary call.

Click the button below to view my calendar.

You do not have to carry around the extra weight for the rest of your life, nor do you have to suffer with the poor health quality that tends to come with being very overweight.

With love,

Sheri ❤️

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