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Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On July 24, 2022
Sheri - plantbased lifestyle

Eating Plantbased Is Easy, Making it a Lifestyle can be Challenging.

When I switched to a whole food plant-based diet with no oil, I exuberantly started all in one day.

I felt I had to because my cholesterol had skyrocketed.

I was determined to save my health and was dead set against taking the Statin pill my physician prescribed.

This meant giving up Eggs & Cheese.

I transitioned, from a vegetarian diet to a whole food plant-based diet.

I loved veggie omelets.

“Vegetarian” is such a beautiful word to describe a healthy diet.

Yet, cheese is included in the vegetarian diet and ironically cheese is not healthy!

I often wonder “why does vegetarian diet include cheese?” I find it to be misleading in terms of health.

I figured out quickly how to make meals I loved and cook without oil.

What I wasn’t as prepared to handle was all the push back from friends and family.

Eating plant-based was one thing. BEING vegan was like this new identity that everyone seemed to question.

I am not vegan.

I own a leather jacket I occasionally wear. I have to often explain this difference.

It is funny how others all of a sudden became experts on nutrition because their mom’s told them that you need meat for protein and cheese is good for your bones.

I truly know that I am a more healthy, fit, aligned, aware, compassionate, energetic, vibrant human going whole food plant-based no oil.

I’m on a whole other frequency.

I unlocked and elevated my vibration through my choice to eat unprocessed whole plant-based foods.

A spiritual awakening has occurred over the years of eating this way.

It’s not just on the diet side or my personal lifestyle, but on how I have a heightened awareness of the creatures we share the planet with.

I have inner peace, unity with nature, feeling happy & healthy, and honestly it has been the best decision of my life.

It is a never ending journey… it’s a plant-based lifestyle.

Never give up!

It gets better and better.

with love,


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