Another Plantbased Success Story

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On September 19, 2022
Another Plantbased Success Story
Another Plantbased 🌱Success Story!! Let’s give a round of applause to this  beautiful women who dropped -100 lbs in one year! 👏👏👏🎉 🙌✨🌈💕
What an inspiration! 
🗣 Read all about it 👇
I made it!!!”

July 27, 2021–> July 27, 2022

Officially down 100 lbs!!!!”

A HUGE thank you to my coach Sheri! I am so grateful to have had your support over this last year. The accountability and ability to help me realign with my goals when needed was instrumental.

For any of you out there reading this with any sort of goal ( doesn’t have to be weight loss)…here is some of my advice:

– First off, BELIEVE you can do it. The proper mindset is 80% of the outcome. I honestly felt like on July 27, 2021 I had already achieved my goal. I knew I was all in and I felt like once I made up my mind–> it was already in the works

– Baby Steps. No matter how small, start the momentum. It always builds over time. Starting to see progress ( no matter how small) is so motivating and helps keep one on track.

– Get support. Find like-minded friends. Join a FB group. Find a professional. Read books. Find documentaries or movies that support your goal.

Specific WFPB advice:

-Take what works for you and leave the rest. Do you love meal prepping? Do you love fancy, multi-ingredient gourmet recipes? Do you love simple? I have found several delicious and fancy meals that I have enjoyed making. However, that is the exception and not the rule. I enjoy just taking different whole foods and eating them together…simple simple simple is what makes this sustainable for me.

-Baby steps again. There were so many new ingredients that I had never heard of, needless to say ever knew how to cook with. DON’T go out and buy 25 new things all at once. I started to notice a few items showing up over and over again in recipes. I invested in 2 or 3 new ingredients and then found recipes with them included as well as old favorites. As my confidence grew I slowly added a couple more and kept learning. It does not have to be all or nothing.

– Focus on what you are gaining, not losing. I am gaining more confidence. I am gaining more energy and focus. I am gaining more years in my life. This helps when I got into a “poor me” mindset when I ‘couldn’t’ have some cheese or some ______.

-Speaking of the above, remember that you can. You could eat ice cream, or BBQ. I started to realize I was CHOOSING not to. Because I felt better when I didn’t. Because I wanted to lose weight. Because I didn’t believe it was food anymore. When it wasn’t a punishment it really did become a gift I gave to myself over and over.

Lastly, my journey isn’t complete. This was a time sensitive goal and it is onward from here. This truly has become a lifestyle change. I am excited to see where it leads.

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A Big Shout-Out!

A Big Shout-Out!

Another successful plant based weight loss story!

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