Power of Repetition

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On February 4, 2023
Power of Repetition
On average, 95 percent of our thoughts repeat each day, and 80 percent repeated thoughts are negative. Thinking negative thoughts and hoping for a positive lifestyle is like looking in the mirror and telling the mirror to change its reflection prior to changing what the mirror is reflecting. As we know, we cannot change the mirror without changing ourselves, and we can only change ourselves through the power of repetition. Why does repetition work so well with affirmations? It works so well because it is through the repetition of feeling a thought or an idea that a belief is formed in the subconscious mind. Repetition also keeps you in vibrational alignment with your desire to eat plantbased and live a healthy lifestyle. Now, just repeating affirmations all day without feeling it is useless. Power of Repetition Sheri Again, I speak not of repetition of words, but of repetition of feelings. I say this many times to my clients … “feel as though you are already at your happy weight.” “Feel and act as if you are a healthy vibrant person.” “Imagine the fluidity in your body as you move” Make the feelings become so natural that it gets engrained into the very core of your being. With love, Sheri ❤️

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