Remember Why You Went Plant Based

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On July 25, 2023
Remember Why You Went Plant Based
Remember Your Reason If you’ve already made the decision to stop consuming animal products, sugars, dairy and oils what made you go whole food plant-based? Ethics? Health? Remember how strong the motivation was in the beginning and your reasoning for it. Draw back to that emotional state you were in and remember those feelings you felt. Dig deep during those challenging moments. This way the cheeseburger or clogging container of dairy yogurt, or addictive cookies in the lounge, blue corn chips on that grocery aisle, doesn’t look so tempting now, does it? Eating a plant-based diet is essential to long term health and wellness, but in a world that implies animal foods are the only source of “high quality” protein and one that makes vegans out to be wimpy hippies, I find some people have a hard time staying motivated on a 100% plant-based diet. With most restaurants and fast food joints offering quick, animal-based foods instead of plant-based options and food companies adding…sugars, milk, cheese, or some type of dairy derivative to their products, I completely understand why and how people feel challenged to eat plant-based. Cravings can hit out of nowhere. And sometimes, family and friends may tempt you to have animal-based foods. No matter what the reason is, you need motivation to stick with a plant-based diet. Think of all the foods you can eat. The ones loaded with nutrients and nourishment. Plus your act of self care goes into choosing this healthy lifestyle. This is a good feeling high vibe diet! You are right to choose the healthiest diet on the planet! If you need support, motivation and or plant based guidance speaking to an expert can really help! I am here for you. Schedule a free clarity call. The link is in the comments below. I want you to enjoy living the life you love. With love, Sheri ❤️

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