Say No To Dieting

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On January 28, 2023
Say No To Dieting

Did you know your diet and overall health also affect your mental health and overall vibration?

Ask yourself… how do I feel?

Am I feeling sad and stressed?

These feelings are result of lower vibrational energies.

Where as happiness, joy and love are examples of higher vibrational energies.

Did you know we were born to feel joy!

It is actually OK to feel really good more often!

Your gut and brain are connected through the Vagus Nerve.

Your gut has hundreds of millions of neurons that communicate directly with the hundreds of millions neurons in your brain.

This is why your gut is also referred to as the “second brain.”

A bad diet that includes foods that are processed, sugary foods, dairy, gluten, saturated fats, and GM0s kills the bacteria in your micro biome.

Plus taking prescription and over the counter medications can also affect the gut biome flora.

You may feel anxious, depressed, sleep deprived, and overall sadness.

Unfortunately, many of you experience these feelings with out knowing why.

I’m wanting to communicate the difference between a whole food plantbased diet and dieting.

The beautiful thing is eating whole food plantbased diet is healing.

It promotes wellness.

Does eating healthy seem boring and too restrictive?

I use to feel this same way.

It’s normal.

Yet as you can see, the relationship between your gut and brain serves an important function in managing feelings, and of course, your mood.

So raise your vibration by changing your diet!

It’s all in the mindset.

Eating for health and letting go of diet mentality will heal your gut and lift your overall vibration so you feel better!

Our lives can be WONDERFUL!

I’m just in the process of figuring out how to make it more wonderful everyday.

All of your POWER is

With love,
Sheri ❤️

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