Self Love

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On January 30, 2017


Wow! What a start to 2017 it’s been. Somehow we have found ourselves in February, and the theme for the month is love. We really can shift the world through love, and we must have love in our healthy hearts first. Self love is caring about oneself and taking responsibility for oneself. I am so excited by the loving response I am receiving from my new clients and current ones too! From consistently losing weight to lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure numbers, your results are just fantastic! Thank you for sharing your stories and photos. I appreciate all of you! You have taught me some important lessons as well. Here are some of my favorites:

#1 The idea of ‘support’ makes a huge difference.  I think we all know this deep down, “support” really makes a difference. Someone to ask questions. A person who you can complain to. Holding your hand making one accountable for your food choices. A person to lean on when you feel like you just can’t move forward. When you feel supported it is much easier to stay on track and consistently lose more weight and keep it off. Thank you for sharing your successes and making my day! I love supporting you all.


#2 Keep it simple.  Back in a day I would make three or four different dishes for a meal, in an effort to imitate the American-style of serving a main dish, two or three side dishes, and a dessert. But I soon learned that too much variety makes for too much work! I am pleased to hear more and more of you are now planning your meals around a single starch dish, possibly adding large green salad or a green vegetable on top. Thinking simple…  making bowls with a potato with a topping, or rice with a sauce. Or just plain vegetable soup with wholesome wholewheat slice of bread. Look for recipes on my website too. I am adding them and building recipes for easy access.

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#3 Falling off the Wagon.

Changing your diet, starting an exercise program and giving up bad habits require effort. We are all human it is about progress not perfectionism. I have received dozens of text messages about falling off the wagon from time to time. I love how so many of you fall off and pick yourselves right back up and keep on trucking. The great thing about changing your eating habits and surrendering to my plan is in just 10 days you will feel the benefits in health and appearance. We can all do something for just 10 days. Wow! You all amaze me with your efforts. I love hearing how good you feel. Keep going!

Join now at “Get Started” and receive a free phone consultation.

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