Shift to Abundance

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On September 9, 2021
Sheri - Shift to Abundance
Shift to an attitude of ABUNDANCE and positivity!

We’ve all been there: wanting to change our diet but failing.

You want to make better choices, eat healthier, feel better, maybe lose some weight.

And you’ve gotten off to a good start many times. But so far it never stuck.

You’re not stupid. Or weak-willed.

You’re not the only one struggling with this.

But the truth is that no amount of trying and testing new ways of eating will make a difference until you change the way you think about new food choices.

The enemy of every diet change is the mindset of SCARCITY!

When I first considered going healthy vegan, that’s how I felt about cheese.

While I never used to eat much of it, the idea of having to give it up made me want it way more than I used to and veganism suddenly became very unattractive.

Shift to an attitude of ABUNDANCE and positivity!

Usually, we hear about a mindset of abundance related to work, money and other life challenges.

Now it’s time to apply it to the way we think about FOOD too!

Once I started researching and found lots of great recipes with fruits, grains, potatoes, legumes and endless types of veggies, I was much more excited to switch to plant-based lifestyle.

And today, I eat a greater variety of foods than I ever did before going healthy vegan.

Plus my satiety levels are high enough feel full and satisfied with less food obsessions.

There is a huge difference between a diet change and DIETING!

A diet change is a lifestyle, it is meant to achieve long-term health benefits, help you reach your fitness goals and can be maintained for long periods of time as in many years or even better the rest of your life.

Going on a diet usually means restricting your food intake and/or eliminating certain things for a set amount of time with the goal of losing weight and improving health in the short term.

Most of these plans are meant to last only for a short time e.g. one week or month.

After that, we often go back to our previous eating habits, gain back weight we lost and any health benefits achieved quickly go out the window.

Sound familiar?

If you want plantbased guidance, mindset support, and accountability to make this transition a lifestyle vs another diet please click the link in the comments below.

I am happy to chat. I offer a free health evaluation.

With love,

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