Start you Plant-Base Diet Now

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 1, 2018
Does this sound like you? You are ready to eat a plant-based diet because you heard from
a doctor that it is the best food plan to lose weight, reduce disease risk, and improve well-being.
Maybe you read a book or watched a documentary about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet and want to try this new lifestyle, or perhaps a close friend is encouraging you to transition because of their success.
You just feel overwhelmed about where to start and how to eat for maximum health benefits.
How about this- does this sound like you? After trying to follow the vegan, vegetarian, or the whole food plant-based diet off and on for years, you’ve gone back to some of your old eating patterns because they are more familiar.
You feel frustrated having not reached your ideal weight knowing a plant-based lifestyle is what you really want for yourself.
After all, it is hard to unlearn the habit of organizing meals around the centerpieces of meat, poultry, fish and becoming acquainted with the great variety of satisfying protein-rich dishes that can be made from plant-based ingredients.
It hard to give up dairy and processed sugary fatty foods because they are addictive and you just can’t stop the cravings.
Perhaps you can’t stick to the food plan because you don’t understand completely how to shop and prepare.
I believe you can make your home kitchen the source of great food-food that provides optimum nutrition and is also delicious.
I can teach you how to do that, by giving recipes, tips on meal planning and shopping, and practical hints for simplifying food preparation.
Most do not know how to select foods that will maintain optimum health as well as satisfy and delight the senses to rapidly lose weight. I am here to guide you through a plant-based diet.
As an expert in the field I want help by cutting out the difficult phases as well as deal with your health problems that are specific to you.. let’s chat click this link for a free discovery call. together we can design a plan that will work best for your future.


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