Stop Frustrating Diets Lose Weight The Fun Way

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 21, 2020
Stop Frustrating Diets

How many times have you tried to lose weight only to fail and tell yourself “ I lack willpower.”

Willpower Is a Weight-Loss Scam That’s Fueling the Diet Industry

The term “willpower” as it relates to the food you eat is a myth — and it’s one that sets you up for weight-loss failure.

You’re not lazy or weak — you’re human.

Dieting usually means that you are constantly thinking about food – which definitely doesn’t help you avoid cravings and temptations.

Ever noticed how the most popular diets, intermittent fasting and keto included, always talk about what you can’t eat instead of what you should eat more of?

The same negative words are used over and over again: “portion control,” “cut out,” “eat less,” “eliminate,” “detox,” and “no.”

Most of us have tried multiple times to “cut out” certain foods — only to flounder. Any weight loss is temporary, or worse, totally nonexistent.

The more we restrict, the more likely we are to fail.

Here is the thing it took me many years to figure out the food plan that not only helps you lose weight and keeps it off but also promotes long term health!

I am passionate about coaching you with this food plan to meet all of your needs, getting results and receiving long term health benefits.

I love giving the one on one support necessary so you end up living your best most amazing life!

If you want to stop restrictive diets that make you feel like a failure and learn how to lose weight for good and live your best life ever then click this link to apply for coaching. I can’t wait to here from you.

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