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Sheri has been a God Send in my long lifetime battle of weight gain. Like most women I have struggled to stay thin, dieting, popping pills, fasting, and anything else for my quest to keep the fat off. Like most others I fell into low fat, no fat, carb eating diet craze slowly putting on more weight each year. I was on a workout routine of alternating swimming a mile and weight training, still the weight kept creeping up.
I am 5’2″ and usually at a weight of 110 when working out and starving. Everything came crashing in when I hit my late 40’s with a weight gain of 80 pounds in one year. I bounced from Doctor to doctor, more workouts, more dieting each year without any success. My pantry looked like an advertisement for low fat living. When I reached 197 my sister introduced me to Sheri and the first thing she said is throw away any and everything that says low fat.

Below is a weight scale on My Fitness Pal showing my yoyo weight loss/gain until I started following Sheri’s advice.

I started with Sheri the first of June and the scale has been on the downward slide ever since:
Weight: 197
Triglycerides: 301
HDL (good stuff): 40
Total Cholesterol: 350
A1c: 5.9

8 months later (half way there)
Weight: 166
Triglycerides: 76
HDL (good stuff): 58
Total Cholesterol: 223
A1c: 5.9

Sheri is working with me now on weight and controlling my sugar so I don’t end up on diabetic medicine. I have found that my body does not process carbs in a healthy manner so this diet and not giving in to my sugar addiction is a lifelong change for me.

Because I work and have a hobby I don’t like preparing meals. I will say that is the hardest part of this diet, the planning. I usually get up and running out the door. I am having to slow down and plan. Some days I am lazy so exist only on cheese and avocado, others I fix a great spaghetti squash meatball dinner which my husband loves. I am learning to eat more than once a day and I will tell you the weight just started falling off! How can that be when I eat constantly but it does. A doctor told me the body is made to burn fat and by going the low fat road we sabotage our hormones and then the weight gain kicks in. I am getting there with Sheri’s help one day at a time.

Charlotte C.

I have “dieted” my whole life and had always been relatively thin, until I turned 50. Within the first month, I gained 20 pounds and was horrified. From then on the scale crept up and up. It made it all the way up to 197 lbs. Looking at that number and knowing I was only 3 pounds away from 200 lbs. was the motivation I needed to try something new.

I am 62 years old now so I have had that uphill battle for 12 years. I was incredibly frustrated and had tried all the usual suspects. Jenny Craig, Juicing, Raw Food Diet, Dukan Diet, Atkins, Susanna Summers, Dr. There was a whole cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to Fat Burner pills. None of which worked I might add.

My Doctor diagnosed me with Fatty Liver, Pre-Diabetes, low Vitamin D and high cholesterol. I was incredibly frustrated, but knew it wasn’t my level of dedication that was keeping me from losing weight. I just had bad information. Then I met Sheri. I told her I wanted to go to a whole foods approach of eating and LOSE WEIGHT!

She put me on Low Carb High Fat Diet and the pounds started melting away. It’s been about a year now and I have lost 40+ pounds. I went back to my Doctor and had a blood workup and when she read the results to me she actually hugged me over and over again! I was not Pre-diabetic any more. My fatty liver scores were significantly down, vitamin D level normal and my cholesterol had come down.

The good news is that I don’t have cravings any more or if I do, I can control them. I don’t want pasta, potatoes, chips, cookies or anything packaged any more. I am happy with using vegetables to dip guacamole and to substitute zucchini boats for the tortilla in enchiladas. I don’t want bread at the table. When I go to restaurants, I order a whole new spectrum of food that I never even looked at before.

They call me Skinny Girl at work now. My energy has skyrocketed and I feel so good in my own skin. I have 30 to go but with Sheri’s consistent coaching I am headed down the scale as we speak.

Deborah aka Skinny Girl

After almost 100 days I have lost over 20lbs and have transformed my body! I love the way I look! I have never felt better. I sleep better, I feel more energized and I am so happy! Thanks to Sheri Goodman Graham for encouraging me and helping me everyday. Couldn’t have done this without you and a large shout out to Karen Bloore Hunt for introducing me to this life changing experience and for being my inspiration and my biggest cheerleader! Stay strong everyone, I promise it’s worth it in the end. It’s very hard but so rewarding!

Alexa F.

I am so excited to post that I hit my revised goal weight!!! It has been an amazing journey. I started this because of peachhead post I saw from Julie Adelman Daniel (thank you!). Just over six months later, I am a new and smaller person. It isn’t just the weight but how I feel. Throughout this process I have learned so much about my body and what I should eat and shouldn’t eat. It isn’t the obvious things either, those I knew, but more about the chemistry of food and my reaction to it. Thank you to Sheri Goodman Graham and my friend Pam who has taken the ride with me. So the true test starts tomorrow and not just because I have to start the rest of my new life not wondering how I am going to lose (honestly I don’t think I can ever remember a time that I didn’t want to lose weight), but because I am going to Italy for a week. Wish me luck!

Karen B.

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