Success Story – lost 10 pounds

Written by Sheri Goodman Graham

On June 2, 2023
Success Story

Another Plant-Based Success Story: -10 lbs gone in just 5 weeks! I am here to deliver encouragement, guidance, and the motivation to reach your goal! In each and every one-on-one consultation you will learn the skills you need to succeed at losing weight. Click this link to book a free call! Grab a time on my calendar and fill out the brief survey to see if this 8 week program is for you.

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Success Story (-100 lbs!)

Success Story (-100 lbs!)

Another successful plant based weight loss story! -100 lbs and keeping it off eating a whole food plantbased diet and regular exercise!

A Big Shout-Out!

A Big Shout-Out!

Another successful plant based weight loss story!


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